2019 - The growth of Toronto Food Truck Catering

March 9, 2019

Decided to take a stroll down to City Hall to see how the food trucks in Toronto were dealing with the cold weather. Really only wanted to see how business during this time of year.

It’s still pretty cold and the food trucks in Toronto were not too busy, exactly what I expected. Luckily they actually got a pretty nice Saturday. I hear that Sunday is going to be a crap show, where its suppose to rain all day!

Good little eye opener into what the 2019 season holds.

We have almost every weekend booked with events this summer + catering on weekdays should keep us pretty busy throughout the summer season.

At the moment - we started hiring for our commercial kitchen for general help + getting in touch with old catering clients + paying for event fees + getting our team in order.

March is all about the tedious paper work and licensing that needs to get approved. After thats all done -easy sailing!

Keep you guys updated until the next post!

Thanks for reading about Toronto’s best food truck!