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Timely manner

One of the things that everyone looks for in a catering service is its ability to serve food in a timely manner. With traditional catering, the food is made hours ahead of time, transported to the location, and kept warm until it is ready to serve. This means your food is ready to eat right on time, but at the cost of freshness.

When you hire Me.n.u Food Truck, we pare down the menu to a small selection (3-4 items). Since the food truck knows what will be served and how many guests they will be serving, we are able to prep in advance to expedite their service. When guests approach the truck all they need to do is give their choice and receive their meal.


Food Truck for all occasions

Birthdays. Engagement parties, Functions. Baby Showers. House Warming. Sales Office. Car Dealerships. Movie sets. We’ve done it all!


Film & TV Production Catering

Whether you're on the lot or on location, Me.n.u food truck & catering makes feeding your cast and crew turnkey with delicious eats.

We provide the film and TV production sector with on-site catering. Me.n.u brings hot, fresh breakfasts and lunches cooked on location.